Use Social Media To Create More Wellbeing In Your Life

3 Simple Steps

1. Clear Your Feed — what you see on a daily basis matters

For the next few days, look at your feed and notice how you feel when you look at the images from the different accounts that you follow. Take a few days to notice and then gently decide if the image or words are adding value in a positive way. If they are not, simply unfollow. Don’t think about it too much, this is not an exercise in contemplation but rather one in clearing.

If you feel uncomfortable or stressed after unfollowing someone it is most likely coming from a worry that you are offending them. The thing is, you can still have a real-life friendship with someone without having to follow their daily life online. If the unfollow becomes an issue in the in-person relationship, let them know that you are in the process of clearing your social media habits to make way for a new way of using the platform and leave it at that. If the relationship is casual then this shouldn’t be an issue but if it is, just acknowledge the feeling and then move on from it without carrying the guilt. This feeling can be a habitual response and not one that deserves attention during this process.

This is a very freeing but crucial step so do it with kindness towards yourself and others. Fully clean up your online space so that these next two steps can really elevate you in a way that is healthy. Social media can be a very fun and creative tool when managed appropriately.

2. Create A Vision Board — begin to manifest a life that aligns with your desires

Once you sort out what you are looking at, you can really start to curate this space and fill it with what you find inspirational and beautiful.

Vision boards are a great way to manifest a life that you want and your social media feed is just another way for you to incorporate one into your life. For example, if you like interior design, spend some time to find new and interesting accounts that bring you joy in that regard. If you like food, nature or whatever it is, seek out those accounts and give them a try until you find the ones that truly resonate with you. This will create a flow of images and words that inspire you and help you to align with your own personal lifestyle vision. You can always refresh and change things up as you go and it will take some time to get it right. When you look at it you should simply feel happy and inspired.

3. Get Inspired — connect with others whose work is creative and interesting

Now that you have cleared your feed and have set up your vision board, you can refine it even further by seeking out concepts and ideas that are of interest to you. There are so many interesting people and businesses doing amazing things in the world today. Spend time to find them and learn about what they do. A good way to start is to look at the accounts you follow and see who they follow. Don’t try searching through accounts that are following thousands of other accounts. Start with the ones that only follow a few hundred others. These will most likely be the ones that have a curated list for you to check out.

Connections can be formed when you find people or businesses that you admire and support them in their effort. You can start to participate by simply leaving a kind comment or buying a product that represents something you believe in. When you do this, you open yourself up to new possibilities and the small actions you take through this exercise have the ability to lead you to even bigger steps in your own personal evolution. You may even be inspired to begin to form your own unique contribution to the world!

October 21, 2019 by bil & sid

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