Fresh Margaritas

This drink compliments the spring and summer months perfectly! It’s refreshing and worth the extra effort. You can keep it classic or you can muddled ginger and thyme leaves in the shaker for extra delicious flavor.


1 fresh lime – juiced

1/2 fresh orange – juiced

1 tbsp Grand Marnier

1 tsp lime simple syrup (see recipe notes)

double shot good tequila

ginger and thyme


Shake everything in a cocktail shaker with ice – pour into a salt rimmed glass stacked with ice. I like to mix lime zest into my salt for added flavor. It looks good too!

Recipe Notes

Use the freshest ingredients you can find. The act of seeking out the best will make them that much better.  

For the lime simple syrup – Heat 1 part sugar with 2 parts water and bring to a boil, remove from heat and add the zest of 1 lime. Cool Completely.

February 19, 2020 by bil & sid

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